Which Sports Betting Sites Offer the Most Unique Promotions?

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When you are looking at joining a sports betting site online, what are the questions you ask first? We are guessing they are probably, “Do they have competitive odds?” and “What are the bonuses?”

One thing you’ll discover pretty quickly is that most sports betting sites offer a couple of common types of promotions, but some go above and beyond to provide more unique opportunities. While the more common offerings can provide you with a lot of value, the more unique promotions can really add to your experiences. In this article, we’re going to introduce some sites that offer unique promotions.

Since promotions change on a constant basis, we will just be sharing some examples with you of what is available at the moment, but in doing so, we can give you an idea of the types of promos these sites make available.

Before we jump into our list, let’s talk about some of the most prevalent sports betting promotions, and then give you some ideas about less common types of promotions.

Common Promotions

Here are some types of sports betting promotions that most sports betting sites offer:

  • Welcome Bonuses.
  • Pretty much any sports betting site out there offers welcome bonuses. These usually take the form of a match on your initial deposit. They will be some percentage of that deposit up to a particular maximum amount. Welcome bonuses tend to be higher if you are making your first crypto deposit as compared to your first USD deposit. Welcome bonuses include rollover requirements.

  • Reload Bonuses.
  • Most sports betting sites also offer reload bonuses on your subsequent deposits. These tend to be smaller than the initial welcome bonus. On some sites, you can only claim a limited number of reload bonuses. But on others, you may be able to claim reload bonuses on all of your deposits for life. They work the same way as welcome bonuses with regard to rollover requirements.

  • Refer-a-Friend Bonuses.
  • With this type of bonus, you invite a friend to sign up on a sports betting site. Your friend joins, and then you receive a bonus after they make their first deposit. Oftentimes, the more money your friend deposits, the larger the bonus you will receive, up to a certain limit.

There are also some promotions that are fairly common, even if they are not universal. These include:

  • Free Bets.
  • These are often available to new customers, and are usually a one-time offer.

  • Horse Racing Rebates.
  • A lot of sites offer horse racing rebates, though they are far from universal. 8% is a typical amount. On some sites it may be a percentage point higher or lower. Occasionally, you will see a much higher rebate.

All of these types of bonuses and promotions are awesome! But after you have claimed your initial deposit bonus and free bets, you may find yourself longing for something more than just the standard reload bonuses and horse racing rebates.

Uncommon Promotions

So, now you know what types of promotions are widespread. But what are some of the less common types of promotions? Well, here there is a huge amount of variation, just as you might expect. But free points, refunds, and drawings are all examples of some of the types of unique promotions you might run into.

Sometimes unique promotions are one-offs. The site will offer them just one time for one special event, and then they will be gone. Other times, they could be recurring or ongoing.

Some unique promotions may be available to all sports bettors on a site. Others might be exclusively for those who wager on particular sports or place particular types of wagers. Any site might offer unique promotions from time to time, but there are sportsbooks that make it a priority, and do so more frequently than others.

In a moment, we will share some of those sites with you and take a look at what they have to offer.

What About VIP Programs?

Make sure you check out your chosen sites VIP program.
You don’t want to miss out on some good stuff!

One thing I haven’t mentioned is VIP programs. These are very common with online casinos. So, if you are signing up on a sportsbook and plan to use the casino side of the site as well, you will probably be able to participate in a VIP program.

It seems less common to find similar programs in place for the sportsbook sides of sites, but they do exist.

The majority of VIP programs allow you to earn points that you can exchange for cash-back rewards. But some VIP programs offer other benefits as well that are less common, like tickets to events and such.

Sports Betting Sites With Unique Bonuses and Promotions

Below are some sites we recommend signing up with if you want unique promotions. I will share the promotional offers with you that are current at the time I am writing this,
but keep in mind those are examples only. By the time you read this, chances are good that some of these offers will have been replaced by others.

  1. GTBets

  2. GTBets is one of our favorite sites for grabbing interesting and unusual promotions. Sometimes the site is also referred to as “Game Time Bets.”

    The site has been around since 2011. That means it isn’t as old as some of the other sites we recommend, but it has had a decade to establish itself and build a trusted reputation.

    GTBets Unique Promotions
    GTBets offers your regular sign-up and reload bonuses as well as refer-a-friend bonuses and horse racing rebates (incidentally, at 15%, the horse rebates are much higher than
    most). They also have a VIP program for loyal sports bettors called Game Time Rewards.

    They also offer a really cool promotion for free points on your favorite teams. As far as we can tell, this promotion has been around for quite a while, so it looks like it is a
    long-term offering.

    Free Points on Your Favorite Teams
    GTBets guarantees the best line on your favorite teams. How do they do it? By offering you free points! GTBets says, “That’s right, gtbets.ag is offering you a free 1/2 point on one team in each the NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball. Log in to your account and follow the links to select your favorite teams for the season and you’re locked in to this one-of-a-kind promotion.”

    We have never seen a promotion like this on any other sports betting site. This is a really great promo for bettors who wager to show their support for the teams they love. Often, you might have an emotional reason to place a bet on your favorite team, but the wager isn’t a good value. Whether you tend to bet anyway or you usually hold off, this promotion makes it more likely you will find value with these types of bets.

  3. Intertops

  4. One of the oldest sportsbooks online is Intertops. This site has been around for more than twenty years, and we have been working with them since around the turn of the century! Low minimum stakes, a wide selection of wager types, a unique interface, and reliable payouts are just a few reasons to join. They also have solid sign-up bonuses (including free bets) and refer-a-friend offers.

    Another reason is that Intertops always has something cool going on with respect to special offers. Let’s take a look at some examples.

    Unique Promotions at Intertops
    Here are some of the unique promotions we see at Intertops as of the time of this writing:

    • NFL Stake-Back Specials: Up to 2x $50 returned on the Conference Championship Games.
    • Win Tickets to the Final Four: Wager on NCAAB action and you are in the draw.
    • $500 Present for Our Odds Hunter: Show your skill and hunt down the highest odds for our monthly free cash prize.
    • 20 x $50 Parlay Free Bets: If your parlay loses by exactly one option, you are in our weekly draw.
    • 50% Super Bowl Bonus Now: Celebrate the biggest game of the year with up to $100 extra on your deposit.
    • $1K Monthly Parlay Prince: The customer with the highest net profit from a single parlay bet in each calendar month will be rewarded with an amazing $1,000 Bonus with no rollover requirements.

    You’ll notice that these unique promos fall into two categories. Some of them are transitory offers that pertain to specific events (i.e. the Final Four or the Super Bowl). They will only be around during the relevant seasons. After they go away, Intertops will replace them with new offers that are relevant to whatever events are going on at the time.

    The other offers are ongoing ones! The Parlay Prince and Odds Hunter offers take place every month. The 20 x $50 Parlay Free Bets takes place every week.

    If you are into making accumulate bets, Intertops is the place to wager. You are not going to run into special offers like these just for parlay bets on most sites. Parlays are very hard to win, and you can bleed cash like crazy when you are making them. Intertops’ special promos help you to stay in the game for longer before you run through your bankroll, giving you more chances to win.

    We also love the Odds Hunter promotion! A lot of sports bettors do not realize just how important hunting for the best odds is.
    Those who do are rewarded simply by finding value and achieving a better bottom line — but if you need some extra incentive to pay close attention to the odds when you are betting, this promotion is it.

  5. Cloudbet

  6. Looking for a site where you can bet anonymously with bitcoin? Cloudbet is an established bitcoin sportsbook with fast and easy deposits and withdrawals. To ensure the security of customer funds, the site uses cold storage for your bankroll.

    The site has garnered a positive reputation over the years for its solid and reliable service. So far, we have had a great experience working with them. As it turns out, it also offers
    some pretty cool bonuses and promotions.

    Unique Promotions at Cloudbet
    First of all, Cloudbet does offer regular welcome bonuses, but it is worth mentioning real quick that the amounts are potentially huge, depending on your deposit. The match on your first deposit can range as high as 5 BTC!

    Okay, now onto the unique bonuses. Here are the offers we are seeing as of the time of this writing:

    Zero Margin Sports Bets
    One of the most exciting unique promotions that you can grab at Cloudbet is the Zero Margin Sports Bets Promo.

    The site explains: “Cloudbet is offering zero margin odds on various competitions, guaranteeing you the best prices in the world for your favourite sports including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MMA, soccer and tennis. Simply keep your eye out for highlighted events marked with yellow boxes. That means you get to enjoy the fairest pre-match odds on that specific event. For each selected sports event, we will offer 1000 customers odds with zero margin: we’re giving up our commission on these bets to ensure you get the best possible odds and maximize your winnings.”

    If you spend a lot of time searching for the best value before you place your wagers, this is the promotion for you. While you may not be selected every time as one of the 1,000 customers to receive zero margin, every time it happens, it will be a significant boon.

      Bonuses Specific to Various Sports

    • Spread The Joy On NBA: Get your money back on spread bets for zero margin games!
    • NFL: You Push We Pay: We’re raising the game by awarding push handicap bets on zero margin NFL games as winning bets!
    • NFL Money Back Mondays: Get your money back on losing NFL player yardage bets if your player scores a touchdown.
    • NCAA Football: Lucky 8 Point Losers: Any losing college football handicap bets will be refunded if your team loses by exactly 8 points.

    So, if you enjoy betting on football or basketball, Cloudbet offers some amazing promotions!

    Tips for Taking the Fullest Advantage of Unique Promotions

    • Unique promos can come and go quickly. To make sure you do not miss out on any, regularly check promotions pages on sites you have joined. You also can sign up for your sportsbook’s email newsletter. That way you can get updates on promotions delivered right to your inbox.
    • Read the terms and conditions for the bonus you are interested in carefully. Make sure you are not doing anything that would exclude you from claiming the promotion you want.
    • Consider wagering on something new and different. For example, if you see a promotion for a type of bet you don’t usually place, now might be the time to give it a try. Or if you see a lot of basketball promotions and you normally do not bet on basketball, this might be a good time to see if you like it.
    • Don’t break the rules. As with free bets and other common types of promotions, there may be rules about how many times you can claim certain types of unique promotions as well. If that is the case, do not try to claim more than you should by creating duplicate accounts, etc. Doing so will not help you get more rewards, it will just get you banned.

    Take Advantage of Unique Promotions at Top Sports Betting Sites Now

    Now you know a few awesome US-facing sportsbooks that run exciting and unique promotions that you will not find everywhere.

    While welcome and reload bonuses provide a lot of value, sites like Intertops, GTBets and Cloudbet are going further to offer more.

    You can click on any of the links in this article to sign up at one or more of these sites now. We recommend joining all three so you can claim all of their promotions and shop the odds for the best value each time you place a bet.

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