Super Bowl LVII, Win $10,000 in Crypto From Bovada

I don’t have to tell you that it’s time for the Super Bowl.

Here in just a few days we will all be stuffing our faces with all of the wings, chips and dips, cheap beer while the Chiefs will be going up against the Eagles and we all find out who’s the best of the season.

And I probably don’t have to tell you that the Super Bowl is notorious for having some amazing Prop Betting action at just about any sportsbook.

But did you know this? Did you know that over at Bovada there is an amazing Super Bowl Props Contest going on where you can win $10,000 worth of crypto!

In my best Hank Jr. voice,
“Are you ready for some crypto…”

What do you have to do in order to win this? Just answer some questions! Get the most correct answers and you’ll be looking at winning some serious moolah!

Like many other prop bets or questions, one could hypothetically get in on this with virtually no knowledge at all and just get lucky in their decisions.

How To Play

So you want to get in on this and go for winning some serious coin. Good for you! I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Getting involved with this is really easy, this is all you have to do!

  • Head over to Bovada
  • Create your account
  • Make a deposit, and don’t forget to check out the promotions if you’re into that
  • Answer the following 25 “Prop Bets” type questions based on the Super Bowl
  • Sit back and hope you’re the Big Winner!

And make sure that you also take note of the fact that once at Bovada, you can download a blank sheet of the props/questions if that makes it easier for you to follow along and keep track of your points!

The Questions You’ll Need To Answer

Let’s go ahead and take a look at these questions in place so that you get an idea of whether or not you need to do some research to make smart, informed decisions, or if you can just say “screw it” and go for pure luck! While that may not be the best strategy, it is a strategy and has worked for people in the past!

  1. Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes to sing the National Anthem?
  2. Yes or No

    Looking at the past 28 Super Bowl National Anthem performances with a quick Google search, we can see that the longest performance took 2 minutes and 35 seconds. The shortest came in at 1 minute and 27 seconds and it’s looking like the average is 1 minute and 55 seconds.

    So one way of looking at this could be, “would it take less than 1 minute and 55 seconds for a scoring drive to take place“. Okay, we’re actually starting off with a kind of hard one here. How are you feeling about the two teams? Do you think they can just come out on the field like gangbusters and pull of a scoring drive within that amount of time?

    That’s just something you’ll have to ask yourself there!

  3. What will the result of the coin toss be?
  4. Heads or Tails

    It should be obvious that this one is a 50/50 decision and no amount of research is going to help you here.

    The only strategy here is to just pick one and hope for the best!

  5. Who will win the coin toss?
  6. Chiefs or Eagles

    That’s directly related to the result of the coin toss question and you’re looking at a 50/50 bet. Again, you’ll really just pick one and hope for the best. Usually it’s a bad idea to bet on your favorite team just for the sake of being your favorite, but there are exceptions to everything and there’s one here!

  7. What will the first offensive play of the game be?
  8. Run or Pass

    Here’s an odd one, where most people will look at it as a 50/50 bet and just pick one hoping that it comes out in their favor. You can do that or you can ask yourself just how much research you would like to put into all of this!

    You could really, really dive into the two teams and take a look at their individual stats to see if they usually go for a run or a pass. The point here is that this is a great example of just how you could take all of this so, so seriously, or just stay in it for the fun. That’s your choice!

  9. Will there be a score in the first 6 minutes and 30 seconds of the game?
  10. Yes or No

    Here we’ve got an odd question that could use its own amount of research, but can also just be looked at as a straight up guess.

    You could hypothetically look at the stats of the two teams and get an average of how long it usually takes them to score.

    But here’s the reality: This is the big game. The big kahuna. The big cheese. It doesn’t really matter what they’ve done in the past, both teams are going to be coming out strong and giving it their all in order to put some points up on that giant scoreboard, and they’re going to be doing their best to do it just as quickly as possible!

    Think that one at least one of them can pull it off in six and a half minutes?

  11. Which team will score first?
  12. Chiefs or Eagles

    It’s a rough one here. You can do some research to see which of the two teams usually scores first, or you can essentially vote for your favorite team once again.

    And then there’s always the “more than likely” chance that the offensive team will score first, but then interceptions and other turnovers exist as well and it’s entirely possible that things may go in favor of the defense!

  13. What will the first scoring play of the game be?
  14. Field Goal or Touchdown

    You’ll probably want to just take a wild guess on this one. That could easily go either way depending on just how the rest of the game is going!

  15. What will the first touchdown of the game be?
  16. Run or Pass

    And see the prop listed just above this one. This could easily just go the way of the rest of the game and what choices become the best as the game is playing out!

  17. Which team will record the first sack of the game?
  18. Chiefs or Eagles

    You could do some homework and research on this to see exactly who comes out on average swinging more heavily if you will. But ultimately this also may just come out to who won the coin toss depending on just how the two teams are playing.

    You may just want to guess on this one!

  19. Who will lead at halftime?
  20. Chiefs or Eagles

    Another obvious, that’s anyone’s guess right there!

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  21. Will Rihanna sing Diamonds for her first song?
  22. A still from the video for “Diamonds”.
    Think she’ll come out the gate singing it?

    Yes or No

    You may or may not want to look into Rihanna here with this one.

    Let’s call it what it is. I currently cannot tell you a thing about Rihanna. I could take a look over at Spotify and see just how popular this song is and see if it’s one of the songs that is so popular that it’s almost expected, but I’ll probably just take a wild guess here. I don’t really want to know anything about Rihanna. You do you and make what you think are smart bets!

  23. Will Jay-Z, Drake or Eminem appear on stage during Rihanna’s halftime performance?
  24. Yes or No


    Take a look at the question and answer just above.

    Maybe I will have to take a look to learn a little about Rihanna. I have no idea what kinds of other artists she may or may not perform with. I’m not going to be happy about this, but I want to win the crypto!

  25. What will be the first scoring play in the second half?
  26. Touchdown or Field Goal

    Once again like when asked about the first scoring play of the first half, you’ll probably want to just take a guess here.

    When these two teams are battling for the trophy, they’re going to take any points they can and not really care exactly how they get them!

  27. Who will finish with more passing yards?
  28. Mahomes or Hurts

    Now we can get into some of the “research” based questions here if you decide you would like to go that route.

    You can always take a look at the stats of these two players and try to come up with an educated guess as to which of the two is more likely to go for the passes, thereby finishing up the game with more passing yards than the other.

  29. Who will finish with more receiving yards?
  30. Smith-Schuster or Brown

    See just above.

    How much research do you want to put into this and check out between Smith-Schuster and Brown, which of the two usually finish up with more receiving yards. Now that will also come down to the quarterback wanting to pass the ball to them as well!

    This is exactly what it’ll look like if you’re on your PC and you end up at Bovada placing $20 bucks on the Chiefs to win!

  31. Who will finish with more rushing yards?
  32. Sanders or McKinnon

    This one could be fun to do some research into!

    You could always take a look at these players and their stats to see which of them is usually coming out on top in this area. I’m going to tell you now that these two men are both going to be coming out like absolute animals and doing their best to outdo not only each other, but the other team as a whole!

  33. Will there be a missed Field Goal or Extra Point in the game?
  34. Yes or No

    While it’s quite possible that this will happen, it’s just as possible that it will not happen!

    Neither of these teams are going to be going into this wanting to miss field goals or anything of the sort. This is probably best left as a “take a guess” prop.

  35. Will there be a defensive touchdown in the game?
  36. Yes or No

    You’d better believe that if either team has a chance to grab one of these, they’re going to be taking it!

    Now, that doesn’t mean that it’ll happen though, so you may want to take a guess!

  37. Will there be multiple interceptions in the game?
  38. Yes or No

    You may want to look into the stats of the quarterbacks to see just how likely they are to accidentally throw an interception.

    And then you would need to factor in the other team as a whole to see just how likely they are to grab an interception.

    And this all just goes back to the “if either team has the opportunity to grab one of these, you’d better believe that they’re gonna”!

  39. Who will have more turnovers in Super Bowl LVII?
  40. Chiefs or Eagles

    You’ll probably want to take a look at the stats of the teams for this one. Take a look for yourself to see just which of these teams is more likely to give up the ball whether or not they want to!

  41. Will the game go to overtime?
  42. Keep in mind here that we’re now at Super Bowl LVII. That’s 57!

    You can do a very easy, very quick Google search to see just how many of these have gone into overtime. The answer? One.

    Yes, that’s a “1” there. It’s a pretty safe bet to say that no, the Super Bowl will not be going into overtime, but you also have to admit that anything will happen!

  43. Which team will win Super Bowl LVII?
  44. Chiefs or Eagles

    Now we all know that this is anybody’s game here. You may want to go into this one just voting for your favorite and hoping that they come out for you!

  45. Will the margin of victory be 10 or more?
  46. Yes or No

    Could this game be very close and end up with a score that’s very close, with a margin, hypothetically 3 or any other “smaller” number? Sure, it’s possible!

    It’s also possible that the game ends at, oh, I don’t know. 28-3 or just about any other score, so really that’s going to be anyone’s guess!

  47. Will a non-QB win Super Bowl LVII MVP?
  48. Yes or No

    Remember that question up there where we got into “Who will finish with more rushing yards?” and discussed the fact that the two men are going to be coming out like absolute animals?

    Well here we are again with knowing that all of the players are going to be coming out like animals, and they’re all going to be doing their best to take home the title of MVP!

    There sure are a lot more players on a team than just quarterbacks, there’s a little something to think about!

Bonus Question

Bonus Time!

Let’s go ahead and assume that you get lucky and you nail all of these questions, good for you!

But now let’s assume that you’re not the only one that does! Boo to that!

This is where you’re going to be taking a guess at a special tie-breaker question.

  • What will the total points scored by both teams combined be?

Whoo, that’s a tough one here.

This is another one of those special questions that you can start to look into whatever amount of research you want and it probably won’t do much good!

Naturally, both teams are going to be grabbing just as many points as they can, each of them just trying their best to really spank each other. Can they both come through, each of them having an absolute monster amount of points? Will one of them just be beaten into submission and come out really, well, not looking so good?

Only time will tell with this!


There’s some serious coin being handed out by Bovada for the big game, and all you’ve got to do to get your hands on it is answer some questions correctly.

All of these questions amount to a “yes or no”, “take it or leave it”, “pick one or the other”, however you would like to put it.

You can see from some examples up there that you can get into doing some homework with these or you can just go in blindly, knowing next to nothing about the sport itself!

There’s really not much of a reason for someone that’s even remotely interested in gambling shouldn’t be getting in on this. There’s a lot of coin to be won, someone’s going to be walking off with it, and there’s no reason at all that it couldn’t be you even with just a little luck on your side!

As always, good luck in your endeavors!

UPDATED February 7, 2023
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