Bookmaker Bonus Code – September 2020

UPDATED September 14, 2020
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BONUS OFFER: 15% CASH Sports + 50% Casino Welcome Bonus - Up to $1,600
None Needed!

Joining up over at BookMaker today and getting ready for the big day could get a a nice 15% Sportsbook Bonus PLUS a 50% Casino Bonus! There’s not a whole lot of time left to jump in and grab this bonus for yourself!

BookMaker carries their own list of promotions and bonuses going on at any time just as any other gambling site, no surprise there. Their list also may not be the biggest around, however, it is always a fantastic one!

New players will always find some bonuses that are available only to them, but existing customers will also always have some pretty nice reload bonuses available to them as well – they try and reward their existing customers as much as entice new ones to join.

Something to note about the BookMaker promo codes is the fact that depending on how you make your bonus as well as which offer you choose will determine exactly what kind of bonus you end up getting.

Another one of the nicer things about the BookMaker promo codes is this. They seem to have a non-limited list of real money CASH BONUSES bonuses as opposed to the un-cashable free play bonuses you’re likely to find at other Sportsbooks and Casinos.

For the sports bettors out there, the rollover requirements are pretty good in comparison to some other places, but be it sports or casino or horse racing, there is always just one thing to keep in mind –

You can always just not accept a bonus and in turn have no strings attached to your withdrawals, have no rollover requirements, and what have you. That’s a decision you’ve got to make, the choice is yours! Just our advice? Take the bonus. You’re going to be there anyway, may as well grab whatever bonus they’ll throw your way!

Just a head’s up for the new players as well as the existing ones – The folks over at BookMaker are still accepting traditional forms of payment for any deposit, but seem to be making their way over to wanting people to switch over to crypto-currency.

Some great news for those that are already on the crypto-train, BookMaker accepts many, many different types of it for you to choose from. They’re accepting of the more popular types, (bitcoin) to the more obscure, (WeTrust) and quite a few in between! 25 different types as of this writing!

Now, as for speaking much more about them or their business practices, we’re not going to do that here. Instead, we’re going to leave that up to the guys over at GoodSportsBooks and send you off their way to check out their review if you’d like to see that. But, we’ll just say that there are reasons that BookMaker has been supported by us for many years, and we will continue to do so, barring any serious changes.

15% CASH Sports + 50% Casino Welcome Bonus - Up to $1,600

You can gamble on simulated sports for now while real sports continue to open back up. Sports punters and Casino players go hand in hand quite often and here’s a

A new player to BookMaker can receive a nice 15% Cash Bonus for use in the Sportsbook, PLUS a 50% Bonus for use in the Casino!

The strongest bonus(es) you can get from this is up to $600 for the sportsbook and $1,000 for the casino for a grand total of $1,600 in Welcome Money!

This is only good for the new player that has not made a deposit yet!

The Sportsbook portion of this promotion does carry a 5x rollover requirement, and the Casino portion an 80x rollover requirement.

This bonus was published on August 3, 2020
25%, 50%, or 100% Welcome Bonus for Crypto, up to $500

You crypto users out there that have not yet made a deposit with MyBookie, pay attention! This one’s all about you!

Making your first deposit with crypto over at MyBookie can net you a very nice Welcome Bonus. How much of a Welcome Bonus is entirely up to you

With this particular promotion you’ll actually have 3 diffferent options to choose from. Choose carefully as you only get one, and on the first deposit only!

The three options you get if you decide to take part in this are as follows.

Option One –

  • Get a 25% Cash Bonus, up to $500, and have a 8x rollover requirement attached

Option Two –

  • Get a 50% Cash Bonus, up to $500, and have a 15x rollover requirement attached

And Option Three –

  • Get a 100% Cash Bonus, up to $300, and have a 30x rollover requirement attached

Don’t forget, if you don’t like the requirements attached to any of these choices, you can always opt out and just not take a bonus.

Reload Bonuses, Non-Crypto

Here’s another one of those fun things where there’s actually 3 different things going on, and what is going to happen, depends on your “Level” at BookMaker.

You see, BookMaker runs on a “level system” and there are 3 levels you will fall under. Those 3 levels are –

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Everyone starts off at the Gold level. Isn’t that nice?

You will earn points toward the level system just by wagering on qualifying events, or just by playing eligible games in the casino. Earn enough points, move up a level getting you better and better bonuses!

This is your reload bonus for those of you who are not using crypto but need to top off the account.

This promotion will change depending on what level you are and is as follows.

Gold Level –

  • Get a 10% Cash Bonus with every reload up to $400. There is a 4x rollover requirement as well as a $50 minimum deposit required.

Platinum Level –

  • Get a 15% Cash Bonus with every reload up to $600. There is a 5x rollover requirement as well as a $50 minimum deposit required.

Diamond Level –

  • Get a 20% Cash Bonus with every reload up to $800. There is a 5x rollover requirement as well as a $10 minimum deposit required.
Reload Bonuses for Crypto

Don’t worry crypto users! BookMaker didn’t forget about you at all!

This is like the promotion right above this one where you will receive bigger and better bonuses depending on whether you are a “Gold”, “Platinum”, or “Diamond” level player. You’ll earn points automatically at BookMaker and move up the tiers.

At the Gold level, when you make a reload you will receive –

  • A 15% Bonus up to $600 and have an 8x rollover requirement attached.

At the Platinum level you will receive –

  • A 25% Bonus up to $2500 and have an 8x rollover requirement attached.

And finally, at the Diamond level, you’ll receive –

  • A 25% Bonus up to $5000 and have an 8x rollover requirement attached.
This bonus was published on September 18, 2019
8% Daily Horses Rebate

You into Horse Racing?

We sure are!

If you are into the horses, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to play than over at BookMaker with their better-than-average 8% Rebate which is not only paid daily, but paid whether you win or lose!

There are a little bit of stipulations that will not affect the average customer. Take a look at these.

  • Get 3% back on all Win, Place and Show wagers (2% on bets placed through the call center)
  • Get 8% back on exotic wagers (5% on bets placed through the call center)
  • Rebates are not given on canceled wagers refunded due to a scratch, nor on payouts of $2.20 or less
  • Wagers on “D” and “E” level tracks are not eligible for rebates
  • Rebates are credited daily by 23:00 PST (please allow an additional hour in case of delays)
This bonus was published on September 16, 2019
$500 Refer a Friend Bonus

Want some Extra Money for essentially doing nothing?

Who doesn’t? Am I right?!

Like many other Refer-A-Friend programs, there’s not a whole lot for you to do over here.

Just get your friends to come along over to BookMaker.

Once your friends sign up and make their first deposit of at least $100, you will receive 10% for yourself!

There is a maximum of $500 from each referral you make.

This bonus was published on September 16, 2019
Office Pools

Many of you are already familiar with the idea of an Office Pool.

BookMaker carries on the fun of this little mini-tournament with their version of the Office Pool.

To take part, all one would have to do is buy themselves a “square” for as low as $1 up to as much as $20 and go for the prize!

Top winners of these pools could potentially win up to $9,000!

Just head on over to BookMaker to see what Office Pools are available to you at any time.

This bonus was published on December 30, 2019

Screenshots Final Thoughts – Bonuses / Promo’s

Bookmaker has the motto of “Where the line originates.”

And they are known for setting the lines. If you like to get in on the earliest lines possible then it is critical that you have a Bookmaker account. They have a customer service style unlike other sites… They are much more direct, blunt and in your face. You’ll get answers, even if they are not what you want to hear. This is not to say that they are rude, but they are direct. Works for me.

Ready to play? Visit Bookmaker here and get signed up!

Recommended Sportsbook
BONUS OFFER: 15% CASH Sports + 50% Casino Welcome Bonus - Up to $1,600
None Needed!
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