Basketball Betting Sites

Believe it or not, Basketball Betting attracts more money than just about every other professional sport, the notable exception being football, of course.

Football betting sites may be more popular, but basketball betting is much more popular than baseball. One of the reasons it remains a favorite with avid bettors is that it is incredible simple. Whether you’re betting on the NBA Finals, March Madness, or the WNBA, you will find that the wagers are easy to understand

Because of the sport’s enormous popularity and the volume of bets being placed during each event there are now so, so many large basketball sites. The challenge now is picking the best basketball betting sites online and that is what this page will provide to you!

The Best Sportsbooks To Bet NBA Online

Ideally, you’re going to want to maintain accounts at a few different basketball betting sites. This way you can compare the lines side by side and place your wagers where you can take advantage of the best odds. Here are my Top 3 recommendations:

  1. Bovada

For many years now, Bovada has operated an extremely popular Sportsbooks along with a Casino, Poker Room, and Racebook. Not only do they maintain fair lines and some of the most professional customer support around, but they also offer a solid 50% Match Welcome Bonus of up to $250. If you are able to use crypto and use the code BTCSWB750 you can turn that Welcome Bonus into 75% up to $750! Don’t forget that if you would like to take advantage of that, there is a sportsbook rollover of 5x.

Bovada is also one of the best sites you’ll find around for betting on the NCAA!

  1. Everygame

And speaking of many years, Everygame is also on the list of reputable sites that have been around for a very long time. In fact, they have the honor of having taken the first online sportsbet!

If you go over and create an account with them you can also take advantage of some incredible contests that nobody else offers, for example, taking your part of $5,000 in the yearly $5k Hot Hoops Leaderboard, or the yearly Win Tickets To The Final Four Contest where the lucky winner wins some tickets to the games as well as accomodation and flights for themselves and a friend!

Make sure that you also take advantage of Everygame’s $500 Welcome Bonus.

  1. BetOnline

BetOnline is where I usually end up placing my bets right behind Bovada. Like the other two aforementioned sites, you’ll also find a Casino, Racebook, and Poker Room for you to check out while you’re waiting for the next big game.

There’s a 50% Match Bonus for those making their first deposit of up to $1,000 for the sportsbook, as well as a 25% Reload Offer that good for the life of your account with the code LIFEBONUS.

And The Others

These sites that I just mentioned are just a small taste of the books that I work with and where I do my personal betting. While those three sites are my favorites for basketball betting, you may want to check out all of the sites I work with just to make sure that you use the one that’s best for you. To see them all and take a look at the promotions that are available at each one just click on this link.

No matter which you decide to go with, I’m positive that you’ll benefit from my testing each one out.

If you’re just getting started in the world of betting on basketball, the following will provide you with a helpful push in the right direction.

An Overview Of Online Basketball Betting

Placing your bets on the NBA, or the WNBA, or the NCAA, whatever, is very similar to betting on football. In fact, the types of bets that you can make are identical. Here are the most popular basketball wagers:

  • Point Spreads
  • Totals
  • Money Line Bets
  • Parlays And Teasers

Let’s go over a quick definition for each of these:

  • Point Spreads
  • In every basketball game, one team is considered the favorite and the other is considered the underdog. A point spread reflects the number of points by which the favorite is predicted to win. For betting purposes, the spread is a handicap that is maintained by the basketball betting sites. If you’re wagering against a 7-point spread, that means you’re betting the favorite will win by more than 7 points.

  • Totals
  • Totals are wagered as “overs” or “unders.” They represent a bet on the aggregate score of both teams for a given game. For example, suppose the Pacers and Bucks were playing, and the basketball betting sites held their aggregate score at 160. In this case, placing overs or unders would mean that you’re betting the total score will be over 160, or under.

  • Money Line Bets
  • A lot of bettors like to wager on the money line. At its simplest, this means placing a bet without a spread. However, because there may be an enormous difference between the chances of each team winning, money line bets compensate bettors with odds. For example, suppose the Suns and Spurs were playing. The odds might look like this…

    • Spurs +230
    • Suns -290

    The favorite is the team with the minus sign “-“. In this case, it’s the Suns.

    A money line bet on the Sun means you would need to put up $29 in order to win $10. By contrast, a money line wager on the Spurs means you would only need to risk $10 to win $23.

  • Parlays And Teasers
  • These wagers are less popular than the bets described thus far. They are sometimes referred to as “exotics.” Of the exotics, parlays bets are the most popular, especially betting on basketball. They are bets on a group of two or more teams where every team in the group wins. There are many types of parlays, including point spreads and money lines. Teasers are the same as parlays with one difference: you can move the point spread.

    Under the umbrella of these four types of bball bets, you’ll be able to place several different wagers at your favorite basketball betting sportsbooks. For example, you can bet on half lines, quarter lines, game totals, team totals, and the scoring leaders for each quarter. At a few basketball sportsbooks, you can even place futures for a given regional or national championship. This is much different than the bets you can make on a sport like tennis. Tennis betting sites offer year round betting options and different types of gambling choices compared to NBA, while the other two big sports, football and baseball only offer seasonal betting.


Whether you’re placing money line bets, parlays, or wagering against the spread, there are dozens of basketball betting sites from which to choose. Our recommendation? Start with the three listed above to get started with fair lines and generous sign-up bonuses. Use our “short list” of basketball sportsbooks and you’re guaranteed to link up with a site that’s trustworthy, reliable, and will come through for you whenever you need them to!

UPDATED February 15, 2024
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