Sportsbooks Accepting MasterCard

These days, many credit card providers have successfully cut off Online Sportsbooks and Casinos from the ease of credit card deposits.

This has not stopped all of the gambling sites from accepting MasterCard!

A player still needs to provide identification in order to successfully make a deposit using your MasterCard, but the process is quick, simple, and you will be on your way to betting online in no time at all!

This page contains a list of the sportsbooks and casinos I work with that still accept MasterCard.

My Top Three Sportsbooks That Take MasterCard

  1. Bovada
  2. You can see as you go down this page that while Bovada does take MasterCard, you may find yourself needing to choose another sportsbook (see below). This actually doesn’t change the fact that they are still my personal number one choice for sports betting.

  3. BetOnline
  4. If you are one of the bettors that are going to hunt for the best promotions, you will love BetOnline. They have got one of the largest lists of ongoing promotions you will find out in the wild.

  5. XBet
  6. Using your MasterCard to make your initial deposit over at XBet can get you a Bonus of up to $500 for the sportsbook as well as a $10 Chip for the casino so that you can take that for a test drive as well.

With acceptance rates in the high 90%, these sportsbooks are almost always 1 step ahead of the credit card processing cat-and-mouse game played by the banks, the government, and the sportsbooks themselves.

Let’s go ahead and take a little closer look at my top 3 choices.

  • Bovada

I had mentioned that Bovada was my number one choice for my own personal gambling while you may end up needing to go somewhere else yourself.

I have to admit that while I have always been extremely happy with the way Bovada has treated me, the credit card acceptance rate there isn’t really the best in all the land. And then you have to combine that with the fact that there are a small handful of states in the US that are not allowed at Bovada. This is not Bovada’s fault, it is because they are following laws that are set by the powers that be.

Rest assured that if you

  1. Live in one of those states, I will be able to help you find somewhere else that you can visit, or
  2. If you are able to gamble at Bovada but you have a credit card get declined there through no fault of your own, Bovada actually has plenty of other deposit options available to you.

If you would like to take a look at the various promotions and bonuses that are offered there at Bovada, just click on this link here.

  • BetOnline

Now, over at BetOnline, not only are all US players allowed, but they also have some of the highest credit card acceptance rates around. If you have a decline somewhere else, seriously, try BetOnline!

Do you like promotions and getting the most bang for your buck? Check out their promo pages where you will find some amazing offers for not only the sportsbook, but the casino, race book, and poker room as well. If you are the kind of player that is going to probably keep on playing and reloading their account, make sure that you check out their Reload Bonus of up to $250 every week. You will need a code to get that particular bonus which changes quite often. You can always click on this link here and be taken to all of their promotions at any time!

  • XBet

XBet may look like they’re trying to cater toward a younger crowd, pretty much the millennials out there. Well, that’s because they are. This is not to say that us older folks won’t have a good time because they are also sure to find something they like being another site that also offers a Casino, Live Casino, and Race Book.

Speaking of the casino, if you are the kind of person that’s into that kind of action, you will be very happy with the Reload Bonus that you will find at XBet with a weekday reload of $500 and a weekend reload of $1,000!

To see all of the promotions that you could take advantage of, take a look here.

Sportsbooks And MasterCard

Moving on, there is a chance that you ended up here because you tried to make a deposit to a sportsbook with a MasterCard just to have it declined for no apparent reason, right? There was a time that many sportsbooks and bookmakers just did not accept these for payment, but those days are pretty much gone. Just about any legitimate sportsbook will take a MasterCard deposit now unless they are, for example, a crypto-only book.

Now however, you may get a decline just because of the fact that some banks and credit card processing companies are not allowed to process gambling transactions. This will force a sportsbook that allows credit card deposits to work through a third party processor who facilitates the exchange of the funds from the credit card to the sportsbook.

Sometimes, you may find that the above situation leads to some online sportsbooks just not offering bonuses or promotions if you are using a MasterCard, (or another type of credit card). They would prefer you to use Western Union, MoneyGram, Crypto, basically anything else!

This is why while it’s not super hard now to find a sportsbook that will take MasterCard, it can be a little rough. If you try to find one and find it a little hard, try to find one that will take American Express or Discover! Then it will get really hard!

Sportsbooks That Accept MasterCard

The sportsbooks on the following list are books that I not only work with but I have also used for my own personal gambling. Note that these are just sportsbooks. They may also offer Poker or a Casino, but no guarantees there!

If you want to see a list of Casinos that take MasterCard, keep on scrolling down!

Also on this list is the biggest Bonus that you can get with your MasterCard at each site. If you want to take a look at all of the promotions that you can get at each of these sites, just click on the link!

  • BetOnline – Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Bovada – Up to $250 Welcome Bonus
  • Xbet – Up to $500 Welcome Bonus + $10 Casino Chip
  • BookMaker – Up to $500 Welcome Bonus
  • SportsBetting – Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus
  • MyBookie – Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus
  • EveryGame – Up to $500 Welcome Bonus
  • Bodog (for our Canadian friends) – Up to $400 for the Sportsbook + 50 Casino Spins

When you try one of those sportsbooks above, you will find a quality sportsbook that will give you full bonuses on your deposit, even if depositing with a MasterCard!

The last few times I made a deposit with a MasterCard, I was not charged any additional fees although your mileage may vary. No promises here, but it is entirely possible that if you ever have a charge just for depositing, just contact the sportsbook themselves and see if they will work with you on getting the cost of the charge credited back to you.

Casinos That Accept MasterCard

As an added bonus for you, here’s a list of all of the casinos I work with that accept MasterCard.

As an aside note, it’s fairly often that you will find a sportsbook that also happens to offer a casino, (see the list above). It is kind of on the rare side that you will find a casino that offers sports action. I am not saying that they do not exist, but I am saying that they are a little harder to find.


And lastly, I would like to say a few words about security and the security in using your MasterCard to fund your account.

If you are worried about internet security, just know that sportsbooks and casinos go through secure systems and deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of transactions every day and the long story short is this.

It is super important to THEM that you have a secure, easy way to make a deposit that you feel comfortable with.

If a sportsbook was in the habit of not supporting you safely, they sure wouldn’t be around for very long at all, and if you were to take a look around at all parts of this site, you will see that I have been working with books that have been around for literal decades in most cases!

Needless to say, security really isn’t something you have to worry about if you are going to a legitimate sportsbook!


There really is not a whole lot left to say.

Sportsbooks are usually going to offer many deposit methods for you to fund your account with. If you absolutely want to use your MasterCard to do so, you’re now on a solid head-start on finding a new home for your betting activities!

Good luck with all of your gambling and I hope that you win a ton of money, or at the very least, have some fun!

UPDATED January 24, 2024
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