Top VIP and Rewards Programs at Online Sportsbooks in 2024

When you do your gambling online, you’re going to come into many benefits such as the huge selection of games to choose from, the monster-sized deposit bonuses, and of course the convenience of not having to even leave the house if you don’t want to! I’m going to assume that you already know all of this stuff.

But did you know that if you’re a loyal customer and you frequently play at Online Sportsbooks and Casinos, you can earn even more rewards through the available VIP Programs that many have to offer?

In this guide, I am going to introduce you to the different types of benefits you can look forward to as a member of a Rewards Program at an Online Sportsbook. I’ll talk about what makes for a quality rewards program, and get you to check out some of the most exciting VIP Programs available for you to participate in at my recommended Online Sportsbooks and Casinos here in 2024!

Without blabbing too much more, let’s go ahead and get right into it!

What Are Online Sportsbook Rewards Programs?

Online Sportsbook and Casino Rewards Programs are one of the ways that online sportsbooks give back to their most loyal customers.

These are similar to the loyalty programs that you’ll find at a land-based sportsbook, but whereas most of these perks are going to be things like free food and drinks, maybe a comped room, the Online VIP benefits are geared directly toward doing some more gambling.

Usually, the phrases “rewards program“, “VIP program“, and “loyalty program” are used interchangeably, but some of these sportsbooks may offer multiple programs so you’re going to want to make sure that you get involved with the one that fits your style.

Also, just how exclusive a Rewards Program is will vary from site to site. On some sites a loyalty program really isn’t that exclusive at all. Everyone’s a member! On other sites still, you may need to gamble a good bit before you even get an invitation to their program.

What Types Of Benefits Do These Programs Offer?

There are a ton of rewards and incentives out there. You just need to know where they are and who has the best one(s)!

The rewards that you can qualify for will depend on the sportsbook you join and the types of games you choose to play. Some common examples of rewards and perks you can earn through these loyalty programs include:

  • Cash-back through point redemption
  • Invitations to special events
  • Free gifts
  • Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions that are otherwise not available
  • Invitations to various tournaments

Most loyalty programs are going to feature various tiers and as you move up in tiers, the better the rewards that you can qualify for, (we’ll get to various tiers at some sites).

What Should You Be Looking For In A Quality VIP Program?

Here are some items to take into consideration when evaluating the quality of different loyalty programs.

  • Redemption Rate

At what rate do you earn points as you play? What is the conversion rate for those points when you go to redeem them?

  • Qualifying Games

At some casinos the majority of games may help you rack up some points, but others may be significantly more respective. How much freedom you need will depend on the type of games you like to play.

  • Additional Perks

Some VIP Programs are really basic and will offer mainly just points. Still, others may include a wide range of additional perks and rewards.

  • Maintaining Your Status

Once you find yourself at a certain tier, how much do you need to play to maintain said rank? If you find yourself needing to be inactive for a few weeks or months, will you find that you lost rank or even just got kicked out of the program?

  • Customer Support

It’s actually a Big Plus if being a member of a VIP Program gives you some sort of customer support perk. A couple of examples could be priority status when needed, or maybe even a personal account manager.

How Do You Join A Rewards Program?

You should be able to find out how to join the loyalty program by checking a sportsbook’s page that describes its benefits. If you still are not sure, you can reach out to their customer support service.

The process for becoming a member of one of these programs will depend on the site. Usually there are four ways:

  1. Automatically and instantly

Sometimes all you would have to do is open an account at a site and you’ll automatically be enrolled in their program.

  1. Automatically after reaching a given participation threshold

Sometimes being enrolled in a rewards program will still be automatic, but you’ll have to play a certain amount first.

  1. By request

Sometimes you will need to manually request to join a program before a site will allow you in. Once you make this request, it may be granted immediately, or you may be told what you need to do in order to be eligible.

  1. By invitation only

Some sites have very exclusive VIP Programs which you can join only if the site itself decides to invite you!

Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck With A VIP Program

Here are some recommendations for really getting the most for your money in many VIP Programs.

  • Finding an ideal balance between sites

You may decide that you want to really focus largely on playing at one sportsbook at a time to climb up the tiers quickly. But on the other hand, playing exclusively at one website or another will end up depriving you of the additional benefits of VIP membership at multiple sites! For this reason, I recommend striking the best balance you can.

  • Play the games which are being promoted by the program itself

It is very common, especially at casino-specific sites, for a site to promote certain games (usually a specific slot) by allowing you to accumulate points more rapidly by playing them within a certain time frame. A good example here would be Everygame where their casino will almost always have some season or holiday themed slots that will give you double the earn rate for X amount of time.

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of these opportunities!

  • Maintain your membership tier

If you do become a member of a loyalty program at a site where you need to gamble a certain amount each month in order to retain your tier, don’t forget to log in and meet at least the minimum requirement activity so that you don’t lose your benefits and find yourself needing to re-earn it.

  • Take advantage of invitations to exclusive tournaments

An Invitation-Only tournament will allow you to compete with a limited player pool which will improve your odds of winning! Also, many times these tournaments will not require you to put down any sort of entry stake. In these cases, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Top Rewards Programs At Recommended Online Sportsbooks

Now that I have introduced some of the variations that you’ll find between Online Sportsbook programs and talked about how to get the most from them, let’s go ahead and check out some of the most exciting VIP Programs online!

  1. Bovada

As one of the biggest names in USA-friendly sportsbooks, you already know that Bovada is going to have a fantastic rewards program. Here are the details!

Not only is the Bovada reward program a tiered program, but it’s also a very flexible one. You will accumulate points whether you’re placing sports bets, casino games, even playing poker! This makes this program very attractive for those that prefer a lot of variety in their gambling activities.

As of this writing, here are how many points you can earn per dollar spent on various activities:

Type of BetDollars SpentReward Points Earned
Video Poker$11.5
Table Games$11
Slot Games$13
Specialty Games$115
Sports Singles$12
Sports Teasers$125
Sports Round Robin$125
Sports Parlays$115
Racebook Straight Wager$140
Racebook Exotics / Multipliers$160
Poker Cash Games$115
Poker Tournaments$115
Poker Jackpot Sit n Go$11.5

As you can see, if you want to rack up some reward points for whatever reason, you may want to start getting into some Horse Racing action where you’ll be earning the most points per bet!

Now, as for the tiers that you would be climbing once you were a member:

RankPoints RequiredRedemption Rate
Starter02500 / $1
Rookie2,5002500 / $1
Pro25,0001666 / $1
All-Star150,0001250 / $1
Legend1,000,0001000 / $1
Hall Of Fame5,000,0001000 / $1

Now, as for what you can do with all of these points that you accumulate – you can redeem them for CASH BONUSES! You can then in turn use them to play casino games, purchase tickets for poker tournaments, use them for sports betting or horse racing, all kinds of stuff!

The rollover at the casino is 10x when you’re using your points, and 2x if you use them at the sportsbook or race book.

If you don’t use your rewards within 12 months they’ll expire, so make sure that you keep an eye on that, but you can redeem them at any time.

Taken from my personal favorite site, Bovada!

A Great Thing About Bovada

You will never drop down a tier after you have gained it, even if you have to take some time off of your gambling!

After you achieve the top level in the program, you may be eligible for Bovada’s exclusive invitation only VIP Program, the Red Room. In describing this program, Bovada writes, “Our members enjoy exclusive cash rewards and offers; score weekly deposit bonuses; receive unparalleled, personalized customer service and so much more.”

Below that, the page lists:

  • Weekly deposit bonuses
  • Exclusive Red Room offers
  • Convenient deposit options
  • Free expedited payouts

So, it seems well worth working your way up to the top ranking in the rewards program so you can obtain this exclusive VIP status. If you haven’t really been into Horse Racing in the past, maybe now’s the time to see the big deal!

  • A Summary Of The Bovada Loyalty Program

This is a competitive loyalty program that offers many tier increments. If you happen to need to take a break from your gambling activities for any reason, your status will not expire.

Once you reach the top tier, you may be qualified for the exclusive invitation-based “Red Room” program which includes weekly deposit bonuses, free expedited payouts, and other great benefits.

For those players that like to spread out their gambling in different areas, Bovada is a fantastic choice for trying to climb up those tiers.

  1. BetOnline

I have been working with BetOnline for almost 20 years now. They’re actually one of the two books (along with Bovada) that I have been working with since the very beginning! You obviously know now that I absolutely love them and use them quite a bit for my own personal gambling.

If you’re a returning reader, you may notice that BetOnline has never been on one of these lists before and that’s because they just haven’t had a VIP Program until fairly recently. Well, that’s changed and now they’re offering one to the players!

This is “tiered” like the previous program I discussed, so the more you play, the better bonuses you will unlock.

Now, just because something is “new” doesn’t mean it’s good, so let’s take a look and see what this program has to offer.

  • The “VIP Rewards” at BetOnline

Some great news for the gamblers here! You are entered into this program automatically!

You don’t have to sign up for this. You don’t have to ask to be invited. You’re just in! If you want to be weird and not take part in this, that’s okay, you do you and you can just ignore all of this.

Now, for those of you out there that have done some gambling at BetOnline in the past but stopped going for any reason, you may want to go and check them out again. All of your previous action is being accounted for here!

All you have got to do to get involved with this is to simply sign up and start playing. The more you play, the quicker you’ll level up with every wager in the sportsbook, casino, or racebook getting you closer to unlocking the next level and the best rewards!

You’ll notice that unlike Bovada for example, the poker room at BetOnline is excluded.

As for the benefits you’ll get from each of the levels that come with this, it’ll be so much easier if you just take a look at this image taken directly from BetOline:

Some screen shot action for the VIP Table shown over at BetOnline.

One of the best things about the previous VIP Program that we talked about was the “never losing your status feature. BetOnline isn’t saying whether or not they do the same and I don’t want to give you “wrong information”. But with the way they’re including all of the previous gaming you have done with them, I am going to assume that you will not lose your status. Unfortunately, you know what they say about assuming, so do what you will with that!

As for just how you would advance through these levels, this is taken directly from BetOnline:

Our VIP Rewards program is based on how much you wager on Casino, Sports, Esports, or our Racebook. The more you play with us the more you’ll advance through the levels.

  • Casino settled wagers count 1x towards your VIP level progress
  • Sports, Esports, and Racebook settled wagers count 3x times more than a casino wager. For example, if you place a $10 sports bet, it will count as $30 towards your VIP level progress where as a casino wager of $10 will count as $10 towards your VIP level progress
  • Poker activity does not count towards VIP level progress

That’s actually just about all of the information I can find about this program. As for actually using it and seeing just where I personally am on this tier list, I’ll get on that as soon as I feel I’m done working for today!

  • A Summary Of The BetOnline Loyalty Program

Can this program be good? Time will tell! When I say that this particular program is new, I mean it. It just came around about a month ago as of the time of this writing.

The rewards they’re offering are pretty nice. Who doesn’t love “tailor made bonuses” and “gifts for your birthday”?

If you are one of those players that are heavy on the Poker Room, you may want to think about going elsewhere as BetOnline doesn’t recognize that for their VIP Program. Everyone else should have a great time climbing these tiers and getting some amazing bonuses!

  1. MyBookie

MyBookie is a wonderful site for the gambler that wants to bet on some sports. They’re one of the sites I will always recommend for the US player that’s looking for a new home to do some sports gambling.

I say that because they do offer a casino, albeit not the biggest, and as for the only “con” I have with MyBookie is the fact that they do not have a Poker Room. If you would like to play some cards you’ll just have to go elsewhere. But don’t let this dissuade you as it really is one of the only complaints I have as far as they’re concerned!

Moving past that, there is a VIP Program for the gamblers at MyBookie, and according to them, this is what it includes and offers you:

  • 24 / 7 VIP Support
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Prioritized Payouts
  • Monthly Cashback
  • Increased Betting LinesIncreased Deposit Options

All of those things sound great, but here comes a downside to this:

This is available by invitation only.

I would love to tell you more about this but the reality is that I cannot!

The VIP Program over at MyBookie sounds pretty awesome.
Maybe one day they’ll let me in!

  • A Summary Of The MyBookie Loyalty Program

As you can see, I really can’t give you a good summary here. Maybe one of my long-time readers has been invited and they can tell me a little about it!

In theory, it sounds great, those are some solid incentives there. Doesn’t change the fact that they haven’t let me into it (yet)!


If you happen to be one of the players that really loves the casino side of things, mainly the slots, you’re going to love! I mean, it’s in the name!

In all seriousness, you really will dig as long as you’re not looking for a sportsbook. There’s no sportsbook here, nor is there a poker room or a racebook, but there are slots galore, specialty games, table games, and a pretty decent rewards program! calls their program “MySlots Rewards” and this is another one of those great programs that you don’t have to opt-into. As long as you’re playing at, you’re already in it!

The program over at is divided up into two sections, two forms of points:

  1. Lifetime Points, and
  2. Reward Points

The Lifetime Points are what you would keep track of in order to move up 8 tiered levels and you will never lose these points! Once you move up a level, you’re there for good, (until it’s time to move up, that is)!

The Reward Points however, those you can lose 12 months after they were earned, so if you want to get in on this, you’re really going to want to make sure that you keep track of this so that you don’t miss out on what’s coming to you.

As far as the “How It Works”, this is how puts it:

  1. Stay, Play and Earn
  2. Automatically earn points while playing your favorites and discovering new games.

  3. Get Rewarded Your Way
  4. Redeem your MySlots Rewards Points and exchange them for cash, anytime. Climb high and hit new status levels while playing. Plus, never lose your status.

  5. Earning Points
  6. Earn Rewards Points on different games. $1 wager amount equals 1 point for Video Poker, Table Games, and Thundercrash; 5 points for Slots Games, and 15 points for Specialty Games.

As you go through these levels, here’s what you need to move up and redeem:

LevelLifetime Points RequiredRewards Points Redemption Rate
Cherry Boom02,500 = $1
Candy Warp2,5002,250 = $1
Triple Charms10,0002,000 = $1
Wild Jacks60,0001,750 = $1
Dollar Rush150,0001,500 = $1
Lightning Blitz500,0001,250 = $1
Gold Frenzy1,000,0001,100 = $1
Diamond Flurry2,500,0001,000 = $1

If slots are one of your top gambling choices, should be at the top of your go-to list!

  • A Summary Of The “MySlots Rewards” Program

It’s really nice that you can do your thing on your own time and never lose your status level. It’s not so nice that it’s entirely possible to lose your reward points that you earned just because you don’t use them in a certain time frame.

Such is life! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t like it you can go somewhere else to play, or start up your own casino and you can run it however you like!

I kid of course, but those are their rules whether we like it or not. seems as though it’s going to be a good choice for someone that is really into casino stuff and doesn’t really get into sports betting or horse racing. In fact, it’s a great choice for those that love slots and specialty games.

  1. Ignition

Ignition is coming around for those of you out there that want to hit up the felt and get on some Poker action!

Ignition does offer a casino, as well as some betting on virtual sports, but the Poker Room is their bread and butter, no doubt about it.

They’ve also got a nice Rewards Program just called “Ignition Rewards” but they also do their best to throw the word “miles” into it as much as they can. Why it’s not called “Ignition Miles”, I don’t know. But at any rate, this makes it so that those card sharks out there can get a little something for their efforts when chasing down a royal flush that way. In fact, you can earn yourself:

  • Casino Bonuses
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Tournament Tickets
  • Free Spins

This is one of those programs where you don’t have to opt-in to it, you’re already entered, as well as a Never-lose-your-status program. According to them, all you’ve got to do is (1) Play Your Favorite Game, (2) Earn Reward Miles, and (3) Cash Them In For Bonuses.

You’ve got to admit that that’s some pretty sweet action just for doing what you love anyway, assuming you are a card player!

If you decide to head over to Ignition and take part in this there will be 8 tiers to climb, naturally with the benefits becoming greater as you move up said tiers. This is what they look like:

LevelLifetime MilesRedemption Rate
Steel0 LM2,500 Miles = $1
Chrome2,500 LM2,250 Miles = $1
Bronze10,000 LM2,000 Miles = $1
Silver60,000 LM1,750 Miles = $1
Gold150,000 LM1,500 Miles = $1
Platinum500,000 LM1,250 Miles = $1
Titanium1,000,000 LM1,000 Miles = $1
Diamond2,500,000 LM1,000 = $1

Ignition also goes on to say that

Chrome players and above are eligible to $2,500 Poker Freeroll Tournaments, and that

Platinum players and above are eligible to receive Exclusive Birthday Bonuses.

Now, if you were to look carefully at the table above, you will see that the benefits between Titanium and Diamond are the same. That’s not a type, it’s what it says at Ignition. So do you really need to try to move yourself up to Diamond from Titanium? That’s up to you! You really may as well if you’re going to be there spending your money anyway!

Now, as for how many miles per dollar you wager, there are going to be 2 tables here. The first is the Poker Earn Rates:

Game TypeEarn
Cash Games15 Ignition Miles per $1 of Rake
Tournaments15 Ignition Miles per $1 of Fees
Jackpot Sit n Go1.5 Ignition Miles per $1 of Buy-In

And as for the Casino Earn Rates:

Game TypeIgnition Miles Per Dollar Wagered
Slot Games3
Video Poker1
Table Games0.5
Specialty Games10
Reels and Wheels XL1

While that says “Casino” and they do offer a casino, makes no doubt about it, Ignition is mainly a Poker Room for you card sharks out there!

  • A Summary Of The Ignition Rewards Program

I know that it kind of looks like many others out there with a couple of exceptions.

One, if you’re going to be looking for a Poker Room anyway, this is honestly one of the best that you’re going to find. Ignition puts most of their resources into this for a reason and it shows. So, for the card shark, you want to at least check this out and see what it’s all about!

Two, it is really nice that you can start to get yourself some exclusive gifts just for reaching the second level. It can be daunting to join a program and not really see too many of your benefits until you’ve been a member for a while!

All in all, this could be an amazing program for those of you that are looking for a Poker Room with a decent Casino to break up the monotony of having only one activity.

  1. Uptown Aces

Uptown Aces is like other “casino” sites mentioned here in that they don’t have a sportsbook. They also don’t have a poker room.

They’re a casino first and foremost, (and only!) with kind of an odd VIP Rewards program in relation to some of the others I have discussed.

Something on the odd side is the fact that with other sites we have looked at today, you could hypothetically climb all of the tiers immediately if you have the funds and you’re so inclined. I’m not saying you should do that, just that you could if you really wanted to.

Not so at Uptown Aces! One of the stipulations they have attached to their four tiers is “Account Age”. They don’t really care how much dough you may have, they want to make sure that you’re in it for the long haul!

Besides that, their program is still very nice with offers such as “Instant Cash Back”, “Weekend Cash Back”, “Extra Comp Points”, “Daily Bonuses” and the like.

As I have said, there are a total of 4 tiers here for you to climb. Let’s get a look at each of these.

  • The First Tier, VIP Level 1 aka “Neon”
Account AgeInstant
Minimum Purchase$5,000+
Comp Points Accrued500+
Neon Comp Level1 Point for every $9 bet
Instant Cashback30%
Weekend Cashback10%
Daily Bonus100% up to $500
Extra Benefits$25 Weekly Reward
90 Days Minimum Activity$100 in Deposits and 250 Accrued Comps

  • The Second Tier, VIP Level 2 aka “Downtown”
Account AgeMinimum 30 Days
Minimum Purchase$10,000+
Comp Points Accrued1000+
Downtown Comp Level1 Point for every $7.50 bet
Instant Cashback35%
Weekend Cashback15%
Daily Bonus125% up to $625
Extra Benefits$50 Weekly Reward + Higher Bet Limits
90 Days Minimum Activity$200 in deposits and 1,000 accrued comps

  • The Third Tier, VIP Level 3 aka “Midtown”
Account AgeMinimum 90 Days
Minimum Purchase$25,000+
Comp Points Accrued2,000+
Midtown Comp Level1 Point for every $5 bet
Instant Cashback40%
Weekend Cashback20% ($20 Minimum Bonus)
Daily Bonus135% up to $675
Extra Benefits$50 Weekly Reward, No Maximum Bet Rule

  • The Fourth Tier, VIP Level 4 aka “Uptown”
Account AgeMinimum 90 Days
Minimum Purchase$50,000+
Comp Points Accrued5,000+
Uptown Comp Level1 Point for every $4 bet
Instant Cashback50%
Weekend Cashback25% Instant Cashback
Daily Bonus150% up to $750
Extra Benefits$50 Weekly Reward, No Maximum Bet Rule

  • A Summary Of The Uptown Aces Rewards Program

Whew. That’s a lot to go over and that’s a lot of stipulations.

Is Uptown Aces right for you? Again, that’s a decision that only you can make!

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for anything other than just a straight-up casino, this isn’t for you. Then again, this could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Let’s face it. There are some cons when looking at the details here, that’s just a fact. Such as the “you must gamble this much in this amount of time” rule. As an example of why I personally don’t like that, I would hate to get myself close to an upgrade just to have a tight month, be forced to take a break and then lose my progress.

If you’re lucky enough that you don’t have to worry about that, maybe Uptown Aces is for you! While they’ve got their cons, they’ve also got their pros as well!

  • Instant Cashback
  • Weekend Cashback
  • Large Daily Bonuses

Those are all damn nice!

When it’s all said and done, you may be really happy with the VIP Program over at Uptown Aces and the benefits you could receive!

If after reading all of this you decide that you want to check out Bovada, make sure you use the code BTCSWB750 with crypto for a $750 Welcome Bonus!
  1. BitStarz

If you happen to be a crypto user, you’re really going to want to check out BitStarz no matter what, but if you’re planning on spending any real amount of time there you’re also going to want to check out their VIP Program.

Taking a look at their program, BitStarz really wants to show off 5 points. These are all taken directly from their site:

  1. Better Bonuses
  2. As a VIP at BitStarz, you enjoy bigger and better bonuses. Enjoy a weekly cashback with no restrictions on bet level or cashout. Extra surprise bonuses and reloads, and much much more!

  3. Dedicated VIP Manager
  4. Have 24 / 7 access to a dedicated VIP Manager with 10+ years experience looking after the top players. You can reach your manager by Skype or Email and request custom limits on games, special bonuses, etc.

  5. Unrestricted Fast Cashouts
  6. When you win, you want to get the money fast. As a VIP, you will enjoy prioritized, super fast, unrestricted amount cashouts. This means you can withdraw as much as you would like at any time with lightning speed.

  7. Customized Bonus Plan
  8. Enjoy cashbacks and other reward plans that suit your style of playing. Are you a table games player that doesn’t like wagering requirements? No problem. BitStarz will hook you up with a cashback and arrange a bonus plan that works for you.

  9. Be The First To Try New Games
  10. Try out new games before all other players as a VIP Member as Bitstarz gives you exclusive access to the latest games in the casino! Get the special treatment you deserve by being the first to try the newest releases!

That’s some pretty awesome stuff there!

Now for the bad(?) news.

That’s pretty much all I can tell you about it. That’s really all there is on their site when it comes to the average person looking it up.

I’ll say that those 5 points that they choose to really talk about are pretty amazing, especially the “playing new games first” in my opinion, but that’s really all I’ve got there!

  • A Summary Of The Uptown Aces Rewards Program

On paper that all sounds great. I’m not a member of said program so I don’t have any hidden details or anything like that.

I can say that whether or not you have any interest in trying to get in on their VIP Program, you will definitely want to give them a shot if you are a crypto user.

If you do decide to go and see what BitStarz is all about, as an “honorable mention” kind of thing, make sure that you take a look at the “Win A Tesla” contest that goes on a couple of times a year! One day, I’m totally going to win that!


And that’s how VIP Programs and Rewards Programs work. You are now aware of the best VIP Programs and Rewards Programs that you can take part in if you choose. And in the case of “invitation only”, programs that you can try to get yourself into!

The average gambler is going to be able to go through this list and keep in mind their personal “must haves” for any program they are looking for.

The ultimate takeaway here should be this:

If you’re going to be doing some gambling anyway, you may as well get involved with any extra benefits that may be coming your way!

You and you alone know what you’re looking for. The most cash back? The most customized bonuses? The ability to walk away for a while and still keep your status?

The choice is yours! Once you have made the decision as to which sites you want to visit and you’re ready to start climbing the ranks, earning your points and redeeming them for some amazing bonuses, just click on any of the links that you have found here.

Once you have created your account and made your first deposit, you’ll be ready to start off on your VIP journey!

UPDATED February 7, 2024
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