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April 2024 NFL Betting Promos and Offers

Football betting draws more money than any other professional sport, although Basketball is a close second. There’s way, way more action on the pigskin than there is on say, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, virtually anything else you can think of.

Now you may be thinking, “Well, with the NFL, yeah“. The thing is, NCAA Football lines are almost as popular as the NFL! Bettors are more than merely enthusiastic, they’re uncompromising, not only in the loyalty they show for their favorite teams but also in what they have come to expect from online football betting sites.

If you’re looking to just jump right into some football action, you can choose from this list below for an updated list of football promotions and offers and check out the red carpet that’s being rolled out to the players this year.

Football - NFL Promo's

If you take a look through all of these you’re going to find Free Bets, Free Plays, Cash Bonus Offers, and plenty more! In general, these bonuses are designed for the recreational gambler who is looking to maximize their deposit during the NFL season.

Ideally, you should be maintaining a short list of multiple gambling sites that accept bets on football, be it NFL or NCAA and the sites that are listed there have top lines on both. This is to make sure that you can check the lines and ensure that you’re placing your bets at the best sportsbook for each of your bets. Plus, all of the sites listed here are legitimate, easy to use for both deposits and withdrawals, and it just makes sense to have multiple accounts.

2 or 3 NFL betting sites should be sufficient. You don’t want to fall into the trap of having to rely on a single sportsbook out of either convenience or familiarity. When a game is approaching, you’re going to want to check multiple football betting sites and take advantage of the best lines!

Top Rated Football Betting Sites

As it was implied earlier, not every sportsbook is going to offer the same benefits. Some sites offer a far more rewarding experience than others because they’re more intuitive, flexible, and have a wider selection of betting lines as well as the types of bets they may have.

Part of my criteria when reviewing sports betting websites for football includes the best promotions, bonuses, contests, and deposit % matches. Needless to say, I really like the short list of NFL sports books above.

How Football Betting Sites Work

Betting on NFL and NCAA games online is simple. What follows is a crash course on placing NFL and NCAA bets online. I’ll explain how to use football betting sites and enjoy the best experience possible. I’ll also describe the most common bets you’re likely to see, including moneyline wagers.

  1. Find A Couple Of Sportsbooks
  2. When you are choosing which sportsbooks you would like to use to bet on football games, (again, I recommend starting off with my list of top picks) you want to focus on

    • Bonuses
    • Betting Lines
    • Juice
    • Customer Service

    and decide which sites you’re going to want to use.

    In regards to the bonuses that you can choose from, size is not the only factor! You need to take the time to look at the rollover requirements as well as any other terms and conditions that come with these to ensure that you’re willing to live by them!

  3. Create An Account
  4. The very first thing you need to do is create accounts at two, three, maybe even four different sportsbooks (use my list of recommended sites above).

    If you’re not sure where exactly you would like to start, you really can’t go wrong with Bovada who happen to be my number one choice for a good part of my personal betting.

    Assuming that you live in an area where Bovada is available to you, you’ll find that you can use credit cards, various crypto, as well as a few other options for your deposits and withdrawals. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll find some of the best NFL lines around!

  5. Fund Your Account
  6. The next thing you’re going to want to do is fund your account so that you can place your bets and start doing some winning!

    Most sportsbooks accept several deposit sources now, such as credit cards, crypto, check by courier, player transfers, and so on. Just take a look at the cashier section to see if a sportsbook has the option you would like to use.

  7. Check The Odds
  8. By this time you may be getting a little excited and want to start placing your bets. Don’t do it just yet!

    To get the most bang for your buck you’re going to want to take a look at the various lines, point spreads, and overall odds before actually placing your bets. The entire process from start to finish just takes a few minutes and just gets faster as you get used to the layouts of the sites you have chosen!

Just throwing out a couple of my favorites here, click here to see all of the promotions that are currently available at Bovada, and click here to see all of the promotions that you can grab over at BetOnline!

The Most Common Types Of Football Bets Available

While there are several different types of bets available for you to choose from, these are going to be the most common:

  • Straight Bets
  • These are based on Point Spreads. The spread is the predicted difference in points for any given game. You may see it listed as something like this in a Miami versus New York game:

    • Miami -10
    • New York +10

    This means that Miami would be predicted to win by 10 points. If you were betting against this spread, you would win if Miami won by 11 or more points.

  • Totals
  • You can also place Total bets which are based on point spreads which are called “Overs” and “Unders” These are wagers on the combined score of the two football teams.

    Using our New York and Miami example, let’s say they’re going to play a game and you place a bet that the combined, or Total score will be “under” 48. Now, if the game plays out and the total score is 46, you would win!

  • Parlays
  • A Parlay bet is a wager placed on two or more teams.

    Being a multiple wager, these bets are known to pay out very handsomely to those that win, but you must win every selection you made. Just one loss and you will have lost the whole bet.

  • Teasers
  • A Teaser bet is very similar to a parlay bet, but the point spread will move in your favor!

And then there is what is by far the most popular football bet, the Moneyline Wager!

Know Your Lines – NFL Moneyline Bets

In a moneyline wager, the team that you are betting on simply needs to win and you will win your bet. That’s it!

In this type of bet the point spread between the two teams is irrelevant. In any given game, there will be a favorite and an underdog and the betting line exists to even out the odds.

If you want to back the favorite team, you’ll need to risk more than you would need to risk backing the underdog. For example, a typical betting line may look like this:

  • New York +160
  • Miami -140

In this example, New York is the underdog.

Thus, if you were to bet on Miami, you would need to risk $140 in order to win $100. If you bet on New York, you only need to risk $100 for a chance to win $160.

If you are unaccustomed to moneyline bets the format may appear a little intimidating. I promise you that with time, it’s going to seem like second-nature!

Regardless of just how much football betting experience you have, you’ll enjoy placing wagers at the sportsbooks that have been profiled here. My recommendation? Register accounts at each one and compare all of the lines so that you can choose the best odds!

UPDATED April 9, 2024
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