Wild Casino Promo Codes – July 2020

UPDATED June 20, 2020
Recommended Sportsbook
BONUS OFFER: Up to $5,000 Welcome Bonus

Wild Casino Promo Codes. You want some of these bad boys, ’cause we’ve got them right here!Wild Casino Promo Codes

Now, don’t be fooled! Most of you come around looking for codes for the greatest Sportsbooks around, and Wild Casino gets it’s name from the fact that it is just a casino. You will not find a Sportsbook here.

What you will find however is a great Casino that is run by the same people that run not only BetOnline, but Sportsbetting.ag as well. You can click on either of those names to learn more about those incredible Sportsbooks on their own.

As for Wild Casino, as we said, we’ve got your codes and while this isn’t a full on review page, we still would like to tell you a little bit about them!


Perhaps most importantly for the readers here in the US is that yes, Wild Casino absolutely accepts players from the US. They do not have a list of any excluded states or anything of the sort so you’ll want to check out your own local laws.

While Wild Casino does accept more traditional forms of payment for deposits, (see “Deposit Methods”, just to the right), they are bitcoin heavy, and like most sites you’ll find some of the best offers and promotions under this category.

You’ll also find all of the usual Casino fair here, such as different types of blackjack, table games, video poker, a Live Dealer Casino, and a whole mess of slots, many of which you will not find at other Online Casinos.

But enough talk about all of that. Let’s go ahead and get into what you really need to know about, those sweet, sweet bonus codes and promotions!

My personal vote toward the best one is the Up To $9,000 in Welcome Money for the crypto users out there, but make sure you check them all of the Wild Casino Promo Codes we have for you!

Scroll on Down for the Greatest Wild Casino Promo Codes

Recommended Sportsbook
BONUS OFFER: Up to $5,000 Welcome Bonus
Up to $5,000 Welcome Bonus

Wild Casino Promo Codes

There’s a fantastic $5,000 up for grabs for you when you join Wild Casino, but you’ve got to use more than one code to obtain all of it!

Firstly, with your first deposit at Wild, use the code WILD250 to get yourself a 250% Match of up to $1,000 with this deposit.

You only get to use that code once and one time only, so make it worth it!

After using that, you can then use the code WILD100 for a 100% up to $1,000 on your next 4 deposits, giving you a grand total of $5,000!

This bonus was published on November 20, 2019
Up to $9000 in Welcome Bonus Money

Wild Casino Promo Codes

You’ll want to pay attention to this one here if you happen to be a crypto lover!

Okay, maybe you don’t have to love it, but you have to at least use crypto if you want to take advantage of this one and get yourself up to $9000 in Welcome Money!

There is actually two codes you’ll need to take full advantage of this one.

Just use the code CRYPTO300 on your first crypto deposit and receive a

300% Match all the way up to $3000!

After using that code, you’ll want the code CRYPTO150 on your next 4 deposits, all of which will be matched 150% up to $1500!

That gives you your total of $9,000 to go nuts and spin the night away! Or poker. Or Blackjack. You know. Whatever you’re into.

This bonus was published on November 21, 2019
Weekly Blackjack Tournaments

Every Wednesday the $25k BJ tourney will award bonuses to the top 50 chip holders each week. The top holder grabs $5k.

The $10k special tourney plays on Friday through Monday for a $10 buy in and give you a shot at one of the 50 prizes.  First place is a cool $3,000 for only a $10 entry… nice.

Join these every week at Wild Casino.

The Hot Streak

This may end up being one for the “higher rollers” among us, but doesn’t make it any less great and you need to hear about it!

Just go over to Wild Casino and wager at least $1000 a day for at least 5 consecutive days.

Technically, you don’t have to make any deposits for this, aside from your first initial depositing, just wager those 5 days in a row to receive Bonus Money based on how many days you played throughout the month.

Play for 5-9 days = receive $25

Play for 10-14 days = receive $100

Play for 15-19 days = receive $200

Play for 20-24 days = receive $400

Play for 25+ days = receive $1000

Once again, these days must be played consecutively!

This bonus was published on November 21, 2019
Wild Casino VIP Reload

You may have to make a refill on your account at some point.

If it happens to be a Sunday, you’re in luck!

If you make yourself a deposit on a Sunday, just use the code VIPDAY while making this deposit for a 50% Match up to $500!

Wild Casino makes sure that everyone is treated like a VIP with very, very simple rules that have to be followed with this.

  • Your deposit must be made on a Sunday between 00:01 and 23:59 EST
  • This 50% Bonus counts toward every $100 you deposit

And that’s it! You can do this multiple times per Sunday as well, so go nuts!

This bonus was published on December 27, 2019
Hump Day Reloads

Need a way to escape the boredom of work in the middle of the week?

Wild Casino will have you all covered with their Middle of the Week Hump Day Special!

Make yourself some deposit action on a Wednesday and get rewarded quite nicely!

Just use one of the following 2 codes when making your deposit, and make sure to deposit the correct amount for whatever works for you!

  • Deposit $30-$149 and use the code HUMP1 for a 25% Match of up to $250, or
  • Deposit $150 or more and use the code HUMP2 for a 50% Match of up to $250!
This bonus was published on December 27, 2019
Diamond 7's Progressive Jackpot

If you’re thinking about heading over to Wild Casino to get in on their Live Dealer Blackjack action, you may as well get in on this!

When you are playing the Live Dealer option, (live dealer only, not video blackjack) you will have the option to wager an additional $1 side bet toward this Progressive Jackpot!

Opt in with that side bet and the possible following prizes can be won!

  • The Grand Prize – 3 Diamond 7’s wins the Jackpot!
  • Middle Prize – 3 Red 7’s wins $1000!
  • Mini Prize – 3 of Any 7’s wins $100

At only a buck a pop it’s kind of silly not to buy into this!

This bonus was published on November 21, 2019
Slots Stampede

Slots player that likes to keep the action going all of the time? This one’ll be for you!

Just play $500 of your favorite slots any time between 00:01 EST Monday until 23:59 EST Wednesday and you will receive 10x free spins for slot games on the following Friday or Saturday

Now, this promotion does say two things with it –

  • That you will receive these free spins every week, and
  • That it’s for new customers only.

As you can see, those 2 sentences do seem to contradict each other, but that’s what their Terms and Conditions specify, just so that you are aware!

If you are to go with this one, once again, these free spins have no rollover requirement attached to them, making it so that you can withdraw your winnings immediately!

This bonus was published on November 21, 2019
Wild Refer-A-Friend

If you end up having a good time over at Wild Casino, and we’re pretty sure that you will, why not make some extra cash?

Just invite some friends to come along with you and receive an extra 200% of their initial deposit up to Two Hundred Bucks!

And that’s pretty much it to that one!

You can do this just as many times as you would like, so invite everyone you know and make all the extra money you want!

This bonus was published on December 27, 2019
Live Dealer $1800 Leaderboard

Every other Online Casino has their own version of a Leaderboard contest, why wouldn’t Wild Casino?

If you’re into either Blackjack or Roulette, you’re sure to love this!

Just play either of those 2 games and for every $10 wagered you’ll earn 1 point toward climbing the weekly leaderboard!

The weekly top three places will win –

  • First Place – $500 for Blackjack, $300 for Roulette
  • Second Place – $400 for Blackjack, $200 for Roulette
  • Third Place – $300 for Blackjack, $100 for Roulette

This contest starts over and runs every week, you may as well go and take it over!

This bonus was published on November 21, 2019

If you’re anything like us, there are a few things you look for in any Casino or Sportsbook.

  • Knowing that your money is safe
  • Knowing that when you win, you will get paid
  • Knowing that if we get bored of the usual fan-fare, there’s something a little different being offered
  • With all of those things listed that Wild Casino offers, can you think of any reason to not go and take them out for a while?

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