Special Corona Virus Promos – COVID 19 Sportsbetting Offers

Some Sports Betting Sites Are Offering Special Promotions During COVID-19

This is a challenging time for all of us as we are stuck indoors during the coronavirus quarantine.

Sports bettors and sportsbooks alike are having a difficult time. If you are a bettor, you may be feeling lost without your usual sports wager on.

But before you think about finding a new hobby while you wait out COVID-19, you are going to want to take a look at some of the unique special offers which are available right now at some of our recommended sports betting websites.

These websites know that right now, you may be tempted to throw in the towel, however much you don’t want to. It is in their interest that you stick around, so they are making it well worth your while.

1. BetOnline and SportsBetting.ag

For those who are not aware, BetOnline and SportsBetting.ag are run by the same people. SportsBetting.ag used to be owned by a different company, but BetOnline bought them out years ago. Since then, SportsBetting.ag has transformed into a site that can easily compete with BetOnline with respect to quality and bonus offers.

Because of the common ownership over the sites, both of them tend to feature the same bonuses and promotions.

So, both BetOnline and SportsBetting.ag are offering the same special promotion during COVID-19, which you can read about below.

20% Balance Boost

Both sites offer the following description for this special promotion:

“Get a 20% Balance Boost Bonus when you maintain your balance through the restart of the NBA/NHL/MLB seasons, whichever comes first. Discover why it truly pays to be patient, and jump back into the season with a healthy boost to your bankroll.”

So, this is an incentive to keep money in your sports betting account rather than withdrawing as you wait for the regular seasons to resume.

Anyone can participate in this promotion, whether you are a new customer or a current one.

How does it work? All you need to do is visit the page for the promotion on the site you are a member of, and then enter in your e-mail address or user account name and click “OPT-IN NOW.”

After you opt in, you need to make sure that you do not make any further withdrawals from your account until the NBA, NHL, or MLB season begins again.

If you do make a withdrawal before that happens, doing so will disqualify you from receiving the bonus.

If you do maintain your balance without withdrawals for that time period, once one of those three seasons restarts, you will receive the bonus.

How much you will get depends on your balance, with the largest sum available being capped at $5,000.

A nice thing about this bonus is that the 20% that you receive is not calculated based on how much is in your account on the day of the season restart, but the highest balance in your account at any point during the period between March 21st, 2020 and the season restart.

One thing which isn’t clear is this statement from the terms and conditions:

“Any withdrawal during this period (from March 21st, 2020 to the start of the first game of season restart) voids eligibility.”

Does that mean that if you make a withdrawal today, for example, or you made one last week, and then you try to opt in, that you will be ineligible? Or does it simply means that if you make a withdrawal during this period after opting in that you will lose eligibility?

I had initially assumed the latter, but it could be the former. I recommend asking for clarification from customer service if you have any concerns. Of course, if you are a new customer, this won’t matter. Just make your deposit when you join and don’t make any withdrawals until the period for the promotion draws to a close.

Once you receive the bonus, a 5x rollover will apply. This is not a very big rollover requirement, so that is pretty nice!

2. 5Dimes

A special note for our readers –

Shortly after this was written, it was announced that 5Dimes would be leaving the American market. We aren’t fans of this, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

If you happen to find yourself here, just be aware of that fact before continuing.

To check out all of the sites that we recommend as well as use ourselves, just check out this list!

Another of our recommended sportsbooks online which is running a special promotion during COVID-19 is 5Dimes. This is a website which runs a lot cool and unique promotions year-round. Other reasons we recommend them include their early-morning lines and their long-standing reputation (since 1998).

COB-19 CASH Reward

Their special promotion during coronavirus is the COB-19 CASH Reward. The tagline for the promotion is, “Flatten the curve … stay home & be rewarded!”

This promotion does not replace the existing regular promotions which are available at 5Dimes. You can qualify for it in addition to whichever regular promotion you are claiming.

Using any deposit method, you can receive a 19% cash reward on your deposit. The minimum deposit to claim this special promotion is $100, and the maximum is $1,000.

You can use this 19% cash reward to bet on sports, but it is also available to use anywhere else on the site, including for casino games, live dealer games, poker, lottery, and mini games.

It is important to note that the promotion is not applied automatically. If you want to claim this bonus, you need to contact customer service and request it.

You can do this using the Live Help tool, or you can telephone or email. Whatever contact method you choose, you must do it within 24 hours of making your deposit.

As of right now, this promotion will only run through April 30th, 2020. So, if you want to claim it, you will want to act fast.

Are There Any Other Special Promotions for COVID-19?

As of right now, these were the only promotions we found specifically relating to COVID-19 on the sports betting sites we recommend.

We will keep our eyes open, however, as quarantine seems likely to continue for some time. If we spot any more promotions, we will update this list.

If you are already a member of BetOnline, SportsBetting.ag, and 5Dimes, you can claim these promotions right away.

Otherwise, you’ll just need to make accounts on these sites and proceed from there. I think you’ll be glad you joined, and will discover that what you have to gain goes far beyond these special promotions.

So, What Can You Use These COVID-19 Promotions to Bet On?

Of course, with NBA, NHL, MLB and many other sports canceled, you may wonder what you can wager on with the 19% cash reward from 5Dimes, or what you can bet on over at BetOnline or SportsBetting.ag as you wait for the regular seasons to restart.

In terms of sports, Russian and Ukrainian table tennis are still taking place, and there are some great opportunities to profit in this small market. We’re seeing a lot of enthusiasm here, with quite a few punters surprised to discover that betting on table tennis can be quite lucrative.

Horseracing and greyhound racing also continue, so you could try your luck there.

There are some other sports which are still going on as well, and for which you can still find some action.

Futures bets and prop bets are also still available, including prop bets related specifically to COVID-19.

Outside the realm of traditional sports, you can also try betting on esports, politics, entertainment, financials and weather. You’ll also find non-sports prop bets relating to coronavirus. Some betting sites even have their own section now for COVID-19-related wagering.

Read up on everything you can wager on right now during COVID-19 in detail.

Conclusion: There Are Rewards for Betting on Sports During COVID-19

It can be discouraging not being able to bet on your favorite sports during the coronavirus outbreak.

But with sports betting sites such as 5Dimes, BetOnline and SportsBetting.ag offering generous promotions to customers who remain active during the quarantine, there are lucrative incentives to log into your sports betting accounts or even open some new ones as we wait for regular sports seasons to resume.

UPDATED October 9, 2020
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