GTBETS Promo Codes for February 2023

UPDATED February 6, 2023
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BONUS OFFER: 115% up to $500

As you keep scrolling down on this page to check out all of the promotions that GTBets has to offer you in February, we do want to make sure that we really point out this particular promo.

Using our Exclusive Code TD115 will get you a nice 115% Match Bonus of up to $500 instead of the regular offer of 100%!


Not only does Game Time Bets, (commonly known as GTBets) always have their regular promotions going on, but you’re not going to find the code TD115 anywhere else! That bad boy’s all ours and we’re sharing it with you! If you’d like to just jump right in and use it now, we wouldn’t blame you a bit and all you have to do is click here!

Exclusive GTBets Code – TD115

Another really fantastic thing about GTBets and the above mentioned bonus is that the bonus is treated as cash. Once you have it it’s yours to do what you want with it. While most other sportsbooks treat promotions almost like credits, what with your bonus only available to use for betting at said site. This one here at GTBets, you can use it to do some more wagering, take it over to the casino, the racebook, withdraw it, whatever you want!

All Season Long Promotion with ½ Point on Favorite Teams

Many of you will already be familiar with this one here.

This is an offer from GTBets that gives you a ½ Point on all of your favorite teams giving you an incredible boost right from the start!

Players may choose 1 team from each of the following:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • College Football
  • College Basketball

Whether it’s the Bears or the Cowboys, the Mavericks or the Boilermakers, whoever you choose, you’ll be all ready to just sit back, let your team do their thing while you rack up those points!

Down just a little bit further is more information about GTBets as well as any other promotions being offered up, always updated and refreshed for you to check out what’s new and make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck!


GTBets is a USA friendly sportsbook that has really found their niche as a smaller, friendlier, online sportsbook that caters to the newer punters out there but still really takes care of the more seasoned bettors as well.

They’ve got a quality reputation that they’ve held onto for many years now and perhaps more importantly, they also feature some of the most competitive lines around for bets as well as some of the most reasonable ”Cash Out” rules.

To learn more about GTBets you can always go and check out what the guys over at GoodSportsBooks have to say about them and get a full review!

Loyalty Points

And lastly, we want to make sure that everyone knows about the “Loyalty Points” program over at GTBets. Taken directly from their site:

Upon signing up at, players are also eligible to validate their Game Time Rewards account, which will allow them to earn points for every wager placed in sports, casino, and horse racing. Points can be redeemed in the Game Time Rewards program for Cash back into your account, Merchandise from the site, and Sweepstakes into various contests. With time and play volume, players can move through the program levels, starting at Silver, Gold, and then Platinum. The higher the rewards level, the more points players earn for their wagering.

Sounds pretty awesome to us!

115% up to $500

We talk about this one a little bit toward the top of this page, (okay, we talk about it a lot) but we need to bring it up once again.

You aren’t going to find this one on any other sportsbook or casino site, it’s all ours!

This is the standard sign up bonus available to anyone over at GTBets, but with the code TD115 it comes with a twist!

You see, usually the promotion works like this:

With your first deposit over at GTBets you’re given a 100% Match Bonus, and then with the second you’re given a 50% Match.

Using TD115, that 100% actually becomes a much better 115%!

If you skipped or skimmed the top of this page, you should know that over at GTBets, they’ll treat this bonus as cash!

That’s right!

It’s not a bonus that can only be used at their site to never actually be withdrawn.

Once it’s yours, it’s yours.

Play in the sportsbooks with it, take it to the casino, place it on the horses, withdraw it… the choice is completely yours!

You’re going to be really hard pressed to beat this one!

This bonus was published on January 5, 2021
Sign Up Bonus - 150%

If you’re a new player over at GTBets you might want to bet in on this one here!

You can get yourself a 150% Sign Up Bonus and really kick off your new account over at GTBets if you take advantage of this.

First, you will get yourself a 100% Bonus of up to $500 with your first deposit.

After that, you will get yourself a 50% Bonus of up to $250.

Unlike many bonuses that you’ll find at other sites, this is a Cash Bonus meaning that you can use it on pretty much anything you want, be it the sportsbook, the racebook, the casino, whatever!

There are some terms and conditions you should be aware of:

  • The minimum deposit required for this is $35 and the maximum is $500
  • You must go through the identity verification requirements
  • A maximum of 2 no-deposit bonuses can be received between deposits
  • With regards to casino gaming, any level/progression achieved in a game will be lost if another game is played between/during the active game session
This bonus was published on November 14, 2022
5-50% Automated Reload Bonuses

All true gamblers know that there is probably going to come a time when you have to reload your bankroll.

Hey, it happens to the best of us!

Many sites offer up some reload bonuses when that time comes as long as you use the right codes at the right time when reloading your account, but you don’t have to over at GTBets!

GTBets has a built in program to Automatically give you whatever bonus action you have coming your way, No Codes Needed!

This Bonus Reload action will be between 5% and 50% depending on some qualifications which you can see by signing into your account and clicking on the Bonus Alert tab.

There are some Terms and Conditions here, take a look at these:

  • Your current account balance must be equal to or less than 25% of your previous deposit amount. Note that total account balance includes pending sports wagers and download casino balances. Example: If your last deposit was $100, you must have $25 or less in your total account balance to qualify for a bonus.
  • You will not qualify for an automated bonus if your last transaction was a withdrawal. This includes any bonus where a deposit is required to claim.
  • Your account must indeed be segmented to receive bonuses.
This bonus was published on November 9, 2021
Refer a Friend

GTBets has a “Refer-a-Friend” just like almost everyone else does, but it’s by far one of the better ones out there.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up and join GTBets
  • Use you new “referral link” to invite your friends
  • When your friends join and make a qualifying deposit, you will receive 50% of said deposit.

Now as for what makes this different from most is the maximum amount you can receive from this.

With GTBets, you can grab an amazing $400 from each friend you refer!

You can invite everyone you want, but you’ll only get the bonus for each person that makes their first deposit.

This bonus was published on November 12, 2021
Favorite Teams 1/2 Point

This one had actually been running at GTBets for quite a while but was so great, it was made bigger and better.

You see, at one time you picked out your favorite team at the start of the NFL season and you were given a half point on all of their games from the get-go.

The people loved this so much that it naturally had to grow!

Not just restricted to the NFL anymore, now you get to pick one from each of these leagues:

  • NFL
  • College Football
  • NBA
  • College Basketball

Just pick your fav from each of these and you’re all ready to go!

As an example of what a half point is:

Let’s say your favorite NFL team is the Chicago Bears and they’re favored at -4.

Your personal line will show a line of 3.5!

And, for ease of access here, all of your “favorite teams” will show highlighted in yellow on the odds page for you to find nice and easily!

This bonus was published on October 6, 2021
10% Weekly Casino Rebate

Check this out, Casino Lovers!

At any casino, you’re going to take a loss – You can’t win every spin!

At GTBets, they’re going to do their best to take some of that pain away by making sure that you get some of your money back here and there with their 10% Casino Losses Rebate!

Just do what you would normally do, you don’t need a code here!

The money will come back to you on Tuesday afternoon!

Here are the Terms attached to this one:

  • 10% casino rebate every Tuesday at 4pm est.
  • NO rollover is required for this
  • Not eligible if your account has withdrawn in the past 30 days
  • Not eligible if your account is winning over the past 30 days. 
This bonus was published on October 27, 2021
Casino Slots of the Month

You don’t need a code to take advantage of this one here, just play!

GTBets always has new Games of the Month going on over in the casino to give you the opportunity to Earn Double the Rewards while you win some cash, this isn’t a big secret.

Usually there are two to pick from – You don’t like one?

Try the other!

Go play the other and rack up those points!

The two games to choose from are:

  • Star Slots


  • Godzilla vs. King Kong

If you’ve been looking for a way to let your inner beast loose, here it is!

This bonus was published on February 6, 2023
10% Cash Rebate on Horse Betting

Like horse racing action?

If the answer is a “yes” then you’ll love to hear about this promotion.

GTbets is giving back 10% of your net monthly losses betting the ponies.

Here are the details for this one:

  • 1st day of the month 10% of your horse betting losses are credited back into your account.
  • Does not apply to horse futures, props, matchups, fixed odds markets or weekly contests
  • Online wagers only apply
  • Winning accounts over the last 30 days do not apply
  • Lifetime winning accounts do not apply
  • Bonuses and rebates will be deducted when figuring the 15%

Once again, you don’t need a code for this!

GTBets will just make it happen and credit your account by 3pm EST every Monday!


If you were to deposit $500 on a Friday, and receive a $50 reload bonus, your total starting balance would be $550 – During the course of the week of betting horses, your account balance on the last day of the week is say, $310.

Your total losses for the week would be $240, after deducting the bonus – Keep in mind that any bonuses given during the week will be deducted from your horse loss when calculating the rebate).

Your net losses would equal $190.

On the following Monday, would credit your account with $19, which is a 10% rebate on your net losses.

This bonus was published on November 8, 2021
Email Promotions

Double reloads, daily promotions, point discounts, free bets, double rewards… You name it!

Make sure you sign up with GTBets and ensure that is added to your contacts list to get a weekly email with all kinds of offers made specifically for their email listing!

We actually don’t know what these specific promotions are, they’ll get tailored to you and you’ll get all kinds of stuff just to get you all set up and ready to go and do your thing!

This bonus was published on November 11, 2021
Happy Hour at GTBets

A little something new going on over at the GTBets Casino!

From now on, or until they change their minds, every Thursday from 5-10 EST is Happy Hour!

You can go and shake it up over at the GTBets Casino and spin the reels on the following games to get boosted 3X the Reward Points on every $100 wagered.

RIght now, the games included in this are:

  • Jackpot Jam
  • Lucky Orbit
  • True Heroes

You can then redeem your boosted reward points for “wager-free” cash or free spins!

All of the general bonus terms of GTBets apply to this.

This bonus was published on April 1, 2022


If you were to ask around the players, the affiliates, the marketing partners, they would all have the same thing to say.

GTBets has been making all of the right moves for many years now and continues to do so.

Don’t forget that you can take advantage of a 15% Larger Bonus if you were to sign up with our Exclusive Code – TD115. They accept a wide variety of deposit options including most credit cards as well as bitcoin.

One last bonus? You can get FREE payouts once a month if you are using bitcoin!

As always, good luck with your bets!

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BONUS OFFER: 115% up to $500
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