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Tom Watson, founder of IBM, once said “Nothing happens until a sale is made.” When it comes to online sports betting, nothing happens until a deposit is made. You can’t bet on your favorite athlete or team without funding your account. The good news is that there are plenty of online sportsbooks that accept Visa cards. The better news is that you don’t even need a credit card to make this option work for you. The bad news is that sometimes it comes with an extra fee and hassle as the battle continues between online credit card processing companies and the governments attempt to stifle them.

My Must Know “RULES” for gambling with VISA

  1. Make sure your VISA card is approved for international transactions
  2. Make sure you use your REAL information when making your deposit
  3. As of today the best VISA credit card sportsbooks can process your deposit about 65% of the time
  4. If VISA is not working for you, your options are Mastercard, Amex or purchasing bitcoin and utilizing that

My Suggested Sports Betting Sites

  • Bovada Sportsbook – They are at the top of the online credit card processing game for USA players. Get a 50% bonus on your VISA deposit. One of my favorite all around sports and casino gambling online site
  • BetOnline – Has solid credit card processing abilities and US friendly. You can get a 50% sports betting bonus with a Visa purchase
  • Mybookie – strong Visa processing at this entertaining sportsbook.

All three of those sites mentioned just above also take Mastercard if your Visa doesn’t go through for whatever reason.

Below, you’ll learn about the different ways you can use a Visa card to transfer funds into your sportsbook accounts. We’ll also explain why this is the best deposit method available. That said, there are a couple of potential issues that come with using it, which we’ll address further down this page. Lastly, we’ll tell you about the sportsbooks we like, all of which accept Visa as a funding option.

Attention gamblers – Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) has proven to be the safest, fastest and easiest way to deposit and cash out at our recommended sports betting sites. Get set up with bitcoin for gambling and get in the game easier!

Which USA Sportsbooks Accept Visa For Deposits?

There is no shortage of US-friendly sportsbooks that take Visa. The trick is finding books that are legitimate, send payouts on time, and maintain a reasonably high credit card acceptance rate. A lot of betting sites accept Visa, but have a tough time getting deposits to go through successfully.

Bovada is one of the standout books in this area. It has historically been able to process a high percentage of deposits made with credit cards. Not every attempt is successful. But they come closer than most of the other books.

Different Ways US-Friendly Sportsbooks Accept Visa

Utter the word “Visa” to most people, and they’ll immediately think of the credit cards stuck in their wallets. That’s a reasonable response. Most of us have become very accustomed to using our credit cards to pay for purchases. Overall, Americans owe $807 billion across almost 506 million card accounts according to ValuePenguin To that end, sportsbooks that take Visa will accept it in credit card form.

But it’s not the only way you can use Visa.

There’s a good chance you have a debit card in your wallet. If you have a checking account, your bank probably issued you a debit card so you can pull cash out of the ATM. Look closely at the front of the card. It likely has a Visa symbol on it. Most sportsbooks that take Visa accept debit cards with that symbol. (Note: some banks call them check cards, but they’re essentially the same.)

What about Visa gift cards? You may have received one during Christmas or on your birthday. They work almost exactly like debit cards. The amount available is paid upfront, like the cash you leave in your checking account. This type of Visa is also accepted at sports betting sites that take Visa. You can buy them from grocery stores, convenience marts, gas stations, and retailers like Office Max and Staples.

Bottom line: you don’t need a credit card to use Visa at select sportsbooks.

Why We Prefer Sportsbooks That Accept Visa Cards

In the previous section, we alluded to some of the reasons we like betting sites that accept Visa as a deposit option. But it’s worth highlighting the benefits.

  • First, such sites are easy to work with. They realize most people either have a Visa or can get one easily. So, they cater to folks who want to use this banking method.
  • Second, Visa cards are everywhere. You probably have more than one sitting in your wallet in the form of a credit card. If not, as mentioned, your bank probably issued you a Visa debit card. And if you don’t have a credit card or debit card, you can buy a gift card at the local supermarket.
  • Which leads us to the third reason… using a Visa at sports betting sites is the most flexible funding option available.
  • Fourth, when you transfer cash from a Visa credit, debit, or gift card, the money is made available to you almost instantly. You don’t need to wait for a check to clear. You don’t have to wait until a wire from your bank arrives at the sportsbook. Instead, you can start placing wagers as soon as you make your deposit.

Convenient, flexible, and fast. That’s how sportsbook banking should be.

Potential Downsides Of Using Visa For Sportsbook Deposits

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of using a Visa card to fund your sports betting accounts, let’s talk about a couple of potential hurdles.

First, if you have ever attempted to fund your sportsbook account using a credit card, you know that getting deposits to go through is not guaranteed. The transactions are often-times declined, even if you have plenty of funds available on the card.

The reason has little to do with the sports betting site. Frankly, sportsbook operators want to complete the transaction as much as you do. The problem actually involves U.S. laws that have made it very difficult for online books to accept credit card deposits from USA players.

If your deposit is declined, try again. It helps that you have a lot of flexibility in the type of Visa card you can use (credit, debit, or gift card). If your credit card fails, try your debit card. If that fails, run to the store and grab a gift card.

The second downside is that withdrawals cannot be applied toward your Visa, even if you used the card to make your deposits. Payouts are usually made via check or wire. Here again, don’t judge sportsbook operators too harshly. They’re not to blame. The laws that make it difficult for them to accept credit card deposits from US sports bettors also make it difficult to send payouts to the cards.

These two drawbacks shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Visa is still the easiest and most convenient method for funding your sports betting accounts. And regardless of how you make deposits, you’ll still have to receive payouts by check or wire.

Other Deposit Options Accepted At USA Sportsbooks

Most US-friendly sports betting sites offer a number of banking methods. In the event you don’t have a Visa or can’t seem to get your Visa deposits accepted, you can still use these other methods. The options vary by sportsbook, but you’ll find them available at most sites. They include MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, bank wires, and of course, checks and money orders.

A majority of books also accept deposits from select eWallet services. Bear in mind that many of these services are unavailable to sports bettors living in the US.

Here’s our advice: unless you have a specific reason not to do so, we recommend using your Visa to fund your sportsbook accounts. It’s the quickest and easiest option available. There’s no legal exposure (disclaimer: I’m not an attorney). U.S. laws do not target individual sports betters. Instead, they try to thwart betting sites’ attempts to process transactions.

If you have trouble getting your deposits to go through, you can always use the sportsbook’s other banking methods. It’s not a perfect solution, but the options are there when you need them. That said, it helps to work with sportsbooks that have a high acceptance rate with Visa deposits.

UPDATED February 24, 2021
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